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Hi, I'm Charlotte!

About Us

I’m the Recipe Developer and Food Photographer behind the camera here at The Pretty Content Shop! For as long as I can remember my biggest joy has been creating! My love for food began in the kitchen with my Mom and Sisters and special memories with my Grandma!  I always loved planning a themed dinner party or designing a show stopping cake for a special celebration. I dabbled in photography my whole life and was determined to get better at it when I became a mom to 4 beautiful boys. A self-proclaimed cookbook junkie, my favorite past time on Saturday mornings is still finding a quiet sunny corner with my coffee and a good cookbook to inspire scrumptious recipes and all the possibilities of what I can create in my kitchen!   

  My love for food and photography came together when I decided I wanted to create a business from home where I could be close to my boys and watch them grow up! I really love helping my clients to provide quality content for their blog readers who are as inspired by food as I am! I hope that you will find the love and passion that goes into the recipes I create and photograph. I live in Ontario, Canada with my husband and 4 boys who all happily taste and critique my recipes. 90% of the proceeds of this shop go to feeding these boys! So thank you in advance for your contribution!

xoxo, Charlotte

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Meet the Team

Here I am with my recipe testing staff: From Left to Right, Me “CEO” and Chief Sprinkle Tosser! The Baby “Cheese Connoisseur” he really will eat anything especially if it’s on someone else’s plate! My Eldest “The Carnivore” his eyes light up when I’m making Burgers or a French Dip Sandwich! Second Eldest, “The Vegetarian” and my toughest recipe critic, I’m talking Anton Ego level from Ratatouille (usually a lot happier than he looks in this photo …apparently he was cold lol).  My Husband “The Health Nut” no cupcakes or cookies are harmed in his presence, Second Youngest “The Snack-a-holic” this guy NEVER.STOPS.EATING! He’s been known to steal food right off my styling board, he also does a mean bite for my bite shots! I wouldn’t trade these co-workers for the world! They are my why! 


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